Top Trophy Bass Fishing

If you are an avid angler in North America, then you probably have been exposed to bass fishing.  It is very popular among fishermen, and there are different species to pursue in this family.  Largemouth bass are the most popular of the bass family.  They are characterized by their enormous mouth, and prefer warmer waters.  They spend most of their time hunting in the shallows covered by moss and weeds.  If you have ever seen a bass tournament on television, it was most likely targeting largemouth bass.

Small mouth bass are another species in the bass family.  They don’t grow as large as their big brother, the largemouth bass, but they make up for it with their fighting skills and elusive behavior.  They prefer cooler waters, often thriving in the same habitat as trout.  You won’t see too many tournaments targeting smallmouth bass, but they are just as fun to catch.

Striped bass, or stripers as they are commonly referred to, don’t appear much like the other two.  These fish prefer deep, cold waters for their hunting ground.  They can grow to huge sizes, and can be very difficult to bring up from the depths.

There is a Brazilian cousin of the North American bass called the peacock bass.  This bass grows to mammoth sizes in the Amazon tributaries, exceeding 40 pounds on rare occasions.  It has recently been introduced into Florida as a sport fishing option, so for the top trophy bass fishing in North America, head down to Florida, as it has all 4 options to fish for.

Be sure to bring the right gear.  You will need a strong rod and reel combo, as well as a strong braided fishing line.  Good luck in you trophy bass pursuits, and get ready for a fight when you hook into one of these species of fish.

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